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Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, and also accelerates the natural regeneration of the skin. Accutane is used to treat strong acne manifestations that are not amenable to treatment with other drugs, including antibiotics. Accutane can also be used for other purposes that are not listed in the instructions for use.

Accutane: The "Dangerous" Acne Specialist

Accutane is a relatively new drug, which has caused a stir lately thanks to controversial research linking it to dangerous organic and mental disorders, including suicidal tendencies buy accutane online. Some people -even specialists- associate it with permanent side effects, especially if you have only used it for a couple of months.

All of these stories can raise dangerous myths and beliefs about the false power of this drug. Specialists in the pharmaceutical industry created Isotreonine primarily to fight acne and its most common complications, but physicians use it to treat cancer and much more complex pathologies, representing a tremendous breakthrough and range of action.

It is important to learn and know how this drug works, so that we gain confidence and dare to take the next step in our health. Let us talk a little about Accutane and dispel all those myths.

Isotreonine: The Retinoid of Accutane

Accutane’s active ingredient is Isotreonine, a molecule considered retinoid because it is a derivative of vitamin A (Retinol). This drug acts directly on the sebaceous glands, those in charge of fat production and the origin of acne.

Physicians have used this medication for years, and they have researched its mechanism of action:

-It reduces sebum production: This substance is the lubricant par excellence of the skin of any mammal. In fact, when we produce it in excess is that there are aesthetic problems such as oily skin. In acne, sebum takes a leading role, so by decreasing its production (thanks to the effect of the retinoids on the sebaceous gland) we can improve acne. With Accutane, this effect peaks in the 9th week of treatment and persists for years!

-Farewell to bacteria: By altering the composition of the oils part of the skin, as explained above, they create hostile environments for the colonization of bacteria. It is not an antibiotic or bactericide, its effect is on the skin and not on the bacteria directly, however, the biochemical change helps us to keep the skin healthy.

-Inflammation and cell turnover: One of the least known effects for people is the ability of this drug to reduce inflammation and slow down cell renewal processes. In important pathologies, such as neoplasm, this ability is a key factor that determines the effectiveness of any good anticancer drug. In the case of acne, it also contributes to this annoying disease disappearance.

Does Isotreonine Only Work On Acne?

The main purpose for which they created this drug is to treat moderate to severe acne, especially those where there was apparently no solution. Some of the cases we can mention are papule-pustular acne, conglobate, cystic and nodule-cystic; all these are quite aggressive versions of acne, where doctors have to use powerful medications and multiple therapies in order to treat properly.

Even so, they classify Isotreonine as “the cure for acne” because it can fight and defeat any of the existing types of acne, achieving complete resolution in almost all cases. Most of those who do not achieve this resolution is because at some point discontinued treatment.

People who suffer from acne may have permanent scars, which are difficult to treat. These injuries not only affect us aesthetically but also psychologically. Many people suffer significant trauma due to the way their face looks, even suffer from self-esteem problems, so we can say that it affects their mental and social health.

However, this is not the only use of Isotreonine. Doctors can indicate it in cases of rosacea, folliculitis, psoriasis, chronic dermatitis, and cancer. Yes, it is, including cancer.

Accutane and Cancer

Despite what most people may think, Accutane is a drug used to fight cancer.

In the early 1980s, when the drug became more popular, physicians indicate as an acne agent, but its use in some of the most lethal types of cancer was under investigation.

Like any retinoid - and as mentioned before - these vitamin A-derived drugs regulate cell growth, differentiation (the reason why they get different cell functions) as well as cell death (apoptosis) in some of the tissues of the human body.

Tumors or neoplasms alter the processes of cell growth and differentiation, developing large sizes or penetrating and destroying with previously healthy tissue.

Retinoids control these processes through specific receptors found in the nucleus of the cells, of which we know two subtypes: the retinoid X receptors and the retinoic acid receptors. Each of these, in turn, comprises several subtypes, thus regulating cell life in several different tissues.

By controlling these fundamental processes in the life of any cell, we can indirectly control the reproduction and spread of any tumor. That is why we use it to fight neoplasms, but not just any.

Physicians may indicate them alone or as part of a combined treatment to combat skin cancer, various lymphomas, leukemia, breast tumor, lung cancer, kidney, and even head and neck. Likewise, researchers have focused on creating preventive therapies in people with an important history of neoplasms, such as those women who come from a pedigree of people with breast cancer.

Of course, research is still ongoing under certain types of tumors and side effects can become highly harmful, however, it remains an important option in the treatment of any neoplasm.

Speaking of Danger - Side Effects

This is the part that many doctors are not proud of and few like to talk about. Even though doctors always mention that the positive aspect of this drug is greater than the side effects it can cause, they are certainly quite powerful and we must know them.

It is important to note that Isotreonine has a good level of biosafety, however, only a doctor can prescribe it, and only a doctor can recommend it to you. Do not try to take Accutane on your own by reading delicate dosages on the internet. Consult your doctor.

It is important to note that Isotreonine has a good level of biosafety, however, only a doctor can prescribe it, and only a doctor can recommend it to you. Do not try to take Accutane on your own by reading delicate dosages on the internet. Consult your doctor.

1) Skin without acne, but not completely healthy:

Remember that the skin loses the ability to produce sebum thanks to the effect of Accutane on the sebaceous glands, so now we have a dry skin, without lubrication.

This is one of the most frequent symptoms, which can involve not only the skin but also mucocutaneous regions, such as the lips and the inside of the cheeks. Using moisturizing lipsticks and moisturizing facial creams can help a lot during the recovery process.

It may get to the point where some degree of eczema appears on the skin, especially on the hands during the winter months; however, these are not lethal side effects, so they will not force you to abandon your therapy.

The ocular and nasal mucosa may also be dry, so you should avoid the use of contact lenses. On the other hand, we can find small lesions in the nasal mucosa because of the dryness caused by this drug.

2) Take care of your child

One of the most important side effects of Accutane is teratogenicity, the ability to cause congenital malformations in your child. The greatest risk is for women in the first trimester of pregnancy, where children are much more susceptible to the most important morphological disorders, such as neural tube disorders (embryonic nervous system).

All women should undergo pregnancy tests long before they even think about taking this medication, not only should you take care of yourself, but also take care of your generation. You should even use oral contraceptives throughout the treatment and, if possible, also barrier methods.

However, the risk is only present until two months after the Isotreonine treatment is completed, so after that, there is no problem getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, you can only see this effect on women. Although a man is consuming Accutane, scientists have shown that there is no risk of malformations occurring, thanks to the fact that there are no alterations in the semen.

3) Intestinal disorders

Like most current pharmaceuticals, it can also cause intestinal alterations that not only have to do with the transit of the alimentary bolus but also with blood present in the feces.

You may experience episodes of diarrhea or constipation, especially at the beginning, when you are just beginning your therapy. However, you can quickly correct these effects by drinking more water and drinking more fiber (in the case of constipation), as well as taking special medications to control diarrhea.

On the other hand, it is also possible to observe blood in the stool, this is not due to the dryness of the mucous membrane as occurs in the nose, but has a direct relationship with constipation. Pushing to get rid of the stool (hard and very solid) can injure the rectum or anus, which is why you may see bright red blood or simply find the stool stained with blood.

4) Other side effects:

This drug increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, increasing the likelihood that we burn our skin or develop other pathologies. It is for this reason that doctors recommend the use of sunscreens as well as less frequent exposure to the sun, especially on summer days. 

Many people talk about the effects of Accutane on the mind, the truth is that scientists have done few studies to prove it, however, according to those trials there is a relationship between depression and the use of this drug. They have even linked it to brain pseudotumors, which has forced patients to abandon treatment.

Even so, maintaining the standard doses, there is no record of irreversible side effects, which encourages us to continue indicating this medication.

Precautions When Using Accutane

Be honest: Before starting treatment, give your doctor all the information he needs. Do not ignore small details, such as telling your doctor about other medications you are taking, this can be the difference between generating hepatotoxicity or not. Also, talk to him about the different herbs, teas, foods and natural medicines that you consume or have stopped consuming in the last 3 months. Any data counts and the smallest details are usually the most important.

Goodbye multivitamins: As mentioned above, Accutane is a retinoid derived from vitamin A, that is, it is enough vitamin for your body! Do not take multivitamins that can increase the amount of vitamin present in your body, try to regulate or switch to other complexes that do not have this supplement. There are dangerous pathologies that are a vitamin A abuse consequence, so you are putting your life at risk by taking the drug along with other supplements.

Pregnancy? No way! Take care of your baby; remember that this is a powerful teratogenic agent, so it can cause severe malformations to a baby that you do not even know is on its way! Get tested; perform pregnancy tests before starting your treatment with Accutane if you are at fertile ages. Another important fact is that you should not breastfeed during your treatment with Accutane, as it can affect your child even after birth.

Do not stray from the path: follow the instructions carefully as specified by your doctor, use the appropriate doses, avoid the sun, use sunscreen, moisturizing creams, etc. Do not increase the dose, do not forget to take your pill, be responsible, we are talking about your health. Most people who do not achieve the desired effect with this medicine is because they miss doses or do things they should not, such as sunbathing. This is a highly effective medication, but it is up to you to achieve your goal.

Monitoring and control

It has certainly become clear to us that this is a rather delicate drug, not because there is a risk of death or something similar, but because it has very annoying side effects.

Your doctor may even ask you to come in for a fortnightly consultation to assess your progress and how your face is improving. This is a necessary routine protocol to test the effects of Accutane on you. 

Be patient and wait for the results. Treatments rarely exceed 6 months, so your face may return to normal very soon.

This is a highly recommended medication; it certainly has more benefits than side effects. Is it worth a few months with dry skin to have an acne-free face? Of course it is!

Acne: Knowing Puberty's Number One Enemy.

The skin is one of the most delicate and important organs of our body. Many companies dedicate millions of dollars to the field of beauty year after year to treat the most common and frequent pathologies of this organ, and one of the most studied and important disorders is acne.

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous follicles that can affect mainly the face and trunk, being much more frequent during puberty. In most people, it disappears after reaching the age of majority, however, most times it persists -especially in women- and becomes a serious problem.

For many, this disorder is difficult to deal with. Not only because it alters their physical appearance, but because it causes -indirectly- psychological damage. When we suffer from acne, we are usually unable to accept ourselves, even hate places affected by acne. In addition, many people suffer abuse and harassment because of this disorder; we can isolate and depress ourselves thanks to the impact of this pathology on each person.

In addition, despite having successfully overcome acne, in most cases, there are residual scars resulting from the injuries of this disorder. These scars are the basis of important psychological disorders in adults.

The acne is a very frequent pathology, with high incidence and prevalence, and with important complications. We all know at least one person with acne. It is essential to learn what this disease is about and how to deal with it.

How Does Acne develop?

This pathology begins with a small sebaceous grain in the face, the trunk and even in the arms; we call these lesions comedones, which can be “open” if we speak of white sebaceous grains (whiteheads), or closed if we speak of the famous blackheads. These small dots form the origin of acne, the basis of settlement for more serious injuries.

What usually happens when you have acne is that one of the hair follicles becomes clogged thanks to hair, sebum, and dead cells union. This clog becomes infected with bacteria, and after the clog breaks down, comedones form.

Other lesions that we can link to acne are papules, the famous pink painful lumps, pustules, those with pus, nodules or cysts.

The deeper and more numerous the acne lesions, the greater the likelihood of scarring, the worst war marks a person may have on their skin.

Why do I suffer from acne?

There is an important triad we can mention as the initial cause of acne:

1) Increased sebaceous secretion: It is especially important in men since physicians relate it to the increase in the androgens production, the male sex hormone par excellence. Even so, women also can produce androgens, so they are also at risk for acne.

2) Clog: as mentioned above, alterations in the epithelium or follicle formation, related to the increase of dead cells or disorders in hair formation, provides ideal conditions for infection.

3) Propionibacterium Acnés: this is the bacterium linked to this terrible pathology development. This is the reason many pharmacists have redirected their efforts towards pharmaceuticals creation that ends with this microorganism.

Of course, there are many other factors that can trigger ideal conditions for this pathology development, for example, all those diseases related to an increase in androgens concentration in blood will create the perfect environment for the formation of lesions typical of acne.

Other of the most common causes has to do with cosmetic products. Most of these items increase the likelihood that clogs will occur that later trigger the onset of acne. Also, these beauty products in some cases increase the fat of the skin, leading to the same fate: the formation of cumbersome lesions on the skin.

Myths Related to Acne

Many people often relate this disease to the diet you maintain. The truth is, it’s not. While healthy eating and a lifestyle will help you improve the conditions on your skin to avoid dangerous bacterias development, not just talking about the causes of acne, it takes more than junk food to trigger this terrible disease.

Even so, people with acne can get worse with unhealthy foods, but this has to do with other mechanisms. In these cases, we have allowed the establishment and initial development of the bacteria, so eating improperly can increase the multiplication capacity of the colonies of these bacteria, increasing the severity of acne.

We also often hear that stress is a crucial cause of acne. Stress is an innate, adaptive, necessary response to the life of any human being - although in another era it was much more important. However, this reaction stimulates adrenal hormones formation, i.e. androgens.

All this leads to an increase in sebum production, which may be the origin of your acne.

Another important increase in androgen concentrations occurs days before menstruation. Yes, in the menstrual cycle there can also be peaks that facilitate acne formation, so we must take care in those times.

How To Win The Battle Against Acne

There are many treatments available for acne according to many consensuses worldwide. Many recommend strenuous combinations of antibiotics, creams, sunscreen, etc. The truth is that only one drug really passed the test, and that is Isotreonine.

This drug is a retinoid, a derivative of vitamin A capable of diminishing multiplication and altering the processes of cellular apoptosis. In addition, physicians confirm that it has many benefits, not only as an antibacterial - which limits the growth and development of bacteria by altering the environment - but also as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Isotreonine has an incredible history against acne. It has never lost a battle. The only patients that doctors can’t cure are those who don’t comply properly with the treatment scheme.

Since not everything is perfect, Isotreonine has very cumbersome and annoying adverse effects, such as increasing skin dryness, increasing sensitivity to UV rays, causing intestinal disorders, etc. These are part of the reasons that many people today - even doctors - have for not using these drugs.

However, many doctors certify that the side effects are simple and reversible, so it is worth trying Isotreonine.

Also, buy accutane online can enhance the treatment by complying with other basic measures such as washing your face twice a day with special soaps, use sunscreen to prevent the development of unwanted injuries and use products that help to keep your skin hydrated.


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Accutane helps when everything has already been tried! In my life there was a lot of things, which gave only a temporary and incomplete effect. And taking on my body in a complex with Accutane, I was able to cope with one of my main problems - acne !! Recommend!

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